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Detour Gold Mine and Maurice Welding shop commissioned Strategik Builders to design a building that would slide on tracks for the maintenance of a large 350 tons (795 AC Caterpillar) rock truck.  The 60' wide x 60' deep x 50' high fabric building is built on 36" x 36" x 8' prefabricated concrete block walls.  A steel beam rail and Hilman roller system of 120 foot long was designed in conjunction with Strategik Builders, Rivard Engineering, Guard-All Fabric Buildings and Hilman to create a sliding building.


The sliding shelter would permit the removal of the rock truck boxes with two massive 140 tons cranes.  Once the box is unloaded between the rails, the building is slid over the box for a month welding maintenance job.  After completion of the work, the building is slid back in it's original position for the re-installation of the box on the rock truck.

*Design Build project

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