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Heritage SAWMILL



The family heritage of the founder of  Strategik Builders (Pierre Belanger) is an integral part of this project. Grandfather, father, uncles, cousins and founder of Bâtisseurs Strategik Builders worked in this "Bergeron" family sawmill located in Harty, Ontario from the 1940s to 1980s.

The sawmill was demolished in panels and reassembled with all the equipment inside the new wood building.  This project has been made with local content (Hearst) along with the existing (historic) sawmill.  Located along highway 11, the Heritage Sawmill is a gathering place and an access point to downtown Hearst.  The sawmill is an interpretive and a community gathering center.  It values the richness of our forest heritage, the talent and perseverance that have been and continue to be, an integral part of the community and its culture.

*Design Build project

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